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Fellow Pan Fusheng Academician Workstation Established

Industry dynamics
Release time:
2018/09/14 10:08

With the rapid development of the national economy, innovation has become the core driving force to accelerate the enterprise development. Through the close cooperation between the industry and research institutes, it will inject powerful impetus into the enterprise innovation and development. On May 25, 2018, Fellow Pan Fusheng team signed the cooperation agreement with Ka Shui Group and Intelligent Foundry Industry Light Alloy Innovation Center to jointly set up an academician workstation in Daya Bay.Mr. Lee Yuen Fat, Chairman of Ka Shui Group, Fellow Pan Fusheng of Chongqing University and Mr. Yang Jun, the General Manager of The Intelligent Foundry Industry Light Alloy Innovation Center attended the signing ceremony and Professor Jiang Bin signed on behalf of Fellow Pan Fusheng. This has marked the formal establishment of Fellow Pan Fusheng academician workstation in Ka Shui Technology Park in Daya Bay. By virtue of the strong R&D strength of Fellow Pan and his team in the field of magnesium alloy research and the rich experience accumulated by Ka Shui Group in the field of magnesium alloy products, the academician workstation will be the leading platform for the development of advanced magnesium alloy materials and processing technology with the platform advantages of Intelligent Foundry Industry Light Alloy Innovation Center. In addition, we should strengthen cooperation in production, teaching and research, and contribute to the development of light alloy manufacturing industry, lead the technology direction and industrialization promotion of lightweight magnesium alloy, and create large-scale industrial technology research and development and transformation application ecosystem.

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